Here you can find a list of current research topics available to students as bachelor or master’s theses. If you are interested, write us a mail with the desired topic to Our topics address both Computer Science students (working in theoretical and applied aspects, like algorithms and complexity, and software engineering, information security) and Math students (working primarily in areas of discrete mathematics and optimization).

Combinatorial Security Testing Topics

  • Combinatorial testing for hardware malware detection
    • Combinatorial Testing of Hardware Trojans Horses (HTH)
  • Linux kernel testing for security bugs
    • Sequence CAs for System Call Testing
  • Security protocol testing
    • SecFuzz: A CT Reverse Engineering Approach
    • AFL Model Extraction for CT
    • Mathematical modelling and analysis of protocol security vulnerabilities
  • Web application security testing
    • Generalized content-injections
    • Generation of security tests
  • Cryptographic Combinatorial Testing
    • Combinatorial Testing of Tor Network
    • Combinatorial Security Testing for PGP
    • Testing of PQC Implementations submitted to NIST Competition

Covering Arrays, Algorithms and Optimization Topics

  • Optimizations Algorithms for Combinatorial Testing
  • Discrete Structures for fault-localization in Combinatorial Testing
  • Complexity problems for discrete structures used in Security