MATRIS Members

Teams and Team Members

Teams & Team Members

Leadership, Organization and Coordination

Dimitris E. Simos

Group lead of MATRIS Research Group, Moreover, he is an Associate Professor at Graz University of Technology..

Izem Chaloupka

Assistant in Research & Development and Academia.


Bernhard Garn

Team lead of DEFSYS and senior researcher
in applied Mathematics.

Klaus Kieseberg

Security Expert

Berina Celic

Software Engineer

Merve Ceren Culha

Merve Ceren Culha

Software Engineer


Ludwig Kampel

Team lead of CALGO and senior researcher
in technical Mathematics.

Michael Wagner

Computer Scientist

Irene Hiess

Computer Scientist

Marlene Koelbing



Manuel Leithner

Team lead of CST and senior researcher
in IT Security.

Jovan Zivanovic

Security Expert

Dominik Philip Schreiber

Software Engineer