Bernhard Garn @Athens for NERO COST Action (CA22164) Assembly


At the beginning of April, the NERO COST Action members came together for the Working Group Assembly (April 3rd and 4th) and Management Committee meeting (April 5th) at the Impact Hub in Athens, Greece. DEFSYS Team lead Bernhard Garn participated as a Working Group and Management Committee member for Austria at these meetings.

The NERO WG Assembly presented a great opportunity for NERO members to meet in person, foster collaboration, and provide comments on the highly intriguing presentations of the invited speakers. In particular, the presentations given by practitioners, in which they shared their perspectives on wildfires as well as on what they see to be the most pressing current research challenges on (extreme) fire behavior, were very much appreciated by the audience and generated lively discussions. 

The assembly in Athens was held in a vibrant and motivated atmosphere with the participants engaging in dynamic exchanges of ideas and insights, supporting the common goal of enhancing our understanding of wildfires and extreme fire behavior. 

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April 3-5, 2024


WG Assembly and MC meeting of the COST Action NERO (CA22164 – european Network on Extreme fiRe behaviOr)

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Bernhard Garn at NERO meeting

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