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  • Container Security: Buy it, use it, break it, fix it – Container internals and breakouts (with 30% more AWS EKS!)

    Container Security: Buy it, use it, break it, fix it – Container internals and breakouts (with 30% more AWS EKS!)

    Copyright: MATRIS Description: On the 13th of April, SBA Research hosted a seminar for the Vienna DevOps & Security Meetup group with a topical focus on Cloud Native technologies, DevOps, and Security.  Reinhard Kugler, a security expert of MATRIS, contributed to this Meetup with an intriguing talk. He explained the hands-on approach to the internals […]

  • MATRIS of SBA Research talks at ITSecX

    MATRIS of SBA Research talks at ITSecX

  • MATRIS @ SYNACS 2022

    MATRIS @ SYNACS 2022

    Description: The CALGO team of MATRIS Research Group joined the 24th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing Conference (SYNASC), which took place at the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation of the Johannes Kepler University at Schloss Hagenberg from September 12-15. In the logic and programming session, researcher of MATRIS Research Group, […]

  • MATRIS @ SEC4DEV 2022

    MATRIS @ SEC4DEV 2022

    Description: MATRIS of SBA Research has contributed to SBA Research’s anticipated conference sec4dev through a booth. As sev4dev focuses on IT security and aims to create a space for developers to discuss and improve security-related issues, the CST (Combinatorial Security Testing) team of the MATRIS showcased their IT-Security related games, research, and posters on covering […]

  • MATRIS @ ARES 2022

    MATRIS @ ARES 2022

    Description: The MATRIS Research Group (SBA Research) contributed through a booth to the ARES conference. The conference took place in Vienna between 23-26 August 2022. At the MATRIS/SBA booth, conference participants could get information regarding recent research highlights of the MATRIS Research Group. Additionally, visitors to the booth had the opportunity to play games illustrating some of the […]

  • ACA Conference 2022

    ACA Conference 2022

    Description: The 27th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA) took place this year in Istanbul, Turkey at Gebze Technical University within the scope of SCALE (Symbolic Computation: Algorithms, Learning, and Engineering). The conference started on the 15th of August, Monday, and continued until the 19th of August, Friday. The ACA conference aims to facilitate computer algebra applications while […]

  • MATRIS @ SOCS 2022

    MATRIS @ SOCS 2022

    Description: The 15th annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SOCS) took place at the Technical University of Vienna from the 21st of July to the 23rd of July. The conference started with the Doctoral Consortium on topics of heuristics for being a researcher and resumed with master classes on various topics such as width-based planning: searching for novelty, […]

  • LION16 Conference 2022

    LION16 Conference 2022

    Description: On the 5th of June Co-General Chair, Prof. Panos Pardalos (University of Florida), Local Organizing Committee Chair, Prof. Ilias Kotsireas (CARGO Lab, Wilfrid Laurier University), Program Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Dimitris E. Simos (SBA Research) of LION16 and researchers of the MATRIS Research Group met in Milos Conference Center, Greece, to prepare the venue for the registration and the conference. The […]

  • MATRIS Research Group joined the 11th International Workshop on Combinatorial Testing

    Description: Manuel Leithner, Michael Wagner, and Dimitris E. Simos from MATRIS Research Group of SBA Research joined the 11th International Workshop on Combinatorial Testing (IWCT 2022) held in conjunction with ICST 2022, on Monday, April 04, 2022, in a virtual setting. Dimitris E. Simos served as the chair of the IWCT Steering Committee while Manuel Leithner and Michael Wagner discoursed their papers. Leithner delivered […]

  • Organization of ACA Conference 2021

    Dimitris E. Simos will be Program Committee Chair of this years all-virtual ACA – International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra. 26th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra The ACA conference series is devoted to promoting all aspects of computer algebra applications, encouraging the interaction of developers of computer algebra systems with researchers and users (including […]