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  • MATRIS @ Fachtagung Katastrophenforschung

    MATRIS @ Fachtagung Katastrophenforschung

    Copyright: Kasto (Canva) Description: On the 11th of September, Klaus Kieseberg from the MATRIS group attended the Fachtagung Katastrophenschutz 2023, where researchers and stakeholders joined together to exchange ideas and insights from the practitioners’ side in disaster management. In the ensuing discussions during the day, Klaus took the opportunity to promote the disaster research activities…



    Marlene KoelbingCopyright: MATRIS Description: Marlene Koelbing from the DEFSYS team of MATRIS attended the 4th International Conference on Mathematical Research and Blockchain Economy (MARBLE) for a talk about a paper on a mathematical approach to the use of integer partitions for smurfing in cryptocurrencies (by Bernhard Garn, Klaus Kieseberg, Ceren Culha, Marlene Koelbing, and Dimitris…

  • Plenary Talk @ DoD 2023

    Plenary Talk @ DoD 2023

    Dimitris SimosCopyright: MATRIS Description: Yesterday, Dimitris Simos gave a plenary talk on “Disaster scenarios with discrete sequences: Using combinatorics for enhanced disaster preparedness” at the 6th International Conference on Dynamics of Disasters (DoD 2023). Klaus Kieseberg and Bernhard Garn from the DEFSYS team also participated in the talk, showcasing the research activities of MATRIS together with…

  • Dimitris E. Simos & Bernhard Garn served as chairs in IWCT 2023

    Dimitris E. Simos & Bernhard Garn served as chairs in IWCT 2023

    Dimitris SimosCopyright: MATRIS Description: On Sunday, April 16, 2023, the 12th International Workshop on Combinatorial Testing (IWCT 2023) was held co-located with the 16th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. Angelo Gargantini (University of Bergamo) and Bernhard Garn (MATRIS Research Group, SBA Research) served as Co-Program Committee…

  • MATRIS @Hagenberg Security Forum

    MATRIS @Hagenberg Security Forum

    Copyright: Nicolas Petri Description: This year’s Hagenberg Forum has started with Reinhard Kugler’s opening talk. In this talk, Reinhard displayed current challenges in the automotive domain and addressed how to get started in the security testing of electronic control units. Furthermore, he showcased vulnerabilities and testing methods used in automotive applications, focusing on CAN-hacking, diagnostic…

  • Container Security: Buy it, use it, break it, fix it – Container internals and breakouts (with 30% more AWS EKS!)

    Container Security: Buy it, use it, break it, fix it – Container internals and breakouts (with 30% more AWS EKS!)

    Copyright: MATRIS Description: On the 13th of April, SBA Research hosted a seminar for the Vienna DevOps & Security Meetup group with a topical focus on Cloud Native technologies, DevOps, and Security.  Reinhard Kugler, a security expert of MATRIS, contributed to this Meetup with an intriguing talk. He explained the hands-on approach to the internals…

  • MATRIS of SBA Research talks at ITSecX

    MATRIS of SBA Research talks at ITSecX

  • MATRIS @ SYNACS 2022

    MATRIS @ SYNACS 2022

    Description: The CALGO team of MATRIS Research Group joined the 24th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing Conference (SYNASC), which took place at the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation of the Johannes Kepler University at Schloss Hagenberg from September 12-15. In the logic and programming session, researcher of MATRIS Research Group,…

  • MATRIS @ SEC4DEV 2022

    MATRIS @ SEC4DEV 2022

    Description: MATRIS of SBA Research has contributed to SBA Research’s anticipated conference sec4dev through a booth. As sev4dev focuses on IT security and aims to create a space for developers to discuss and improve security-related issues, the CST (Combinatorial Security Testing) team of the MATRIS showcased their IT-Security related games, research, and posters on covering…

  • MATRIS @ ARES 2022

    MATRIS @ ARES 2022

    Description: The MATRIS Research Group (SBA Research) contributed through a booth to the ARES conference. The conference took place in Vienna between 23-26 August 2022. At the MATRIS/SBA booth, conference participants could get information regarding recent research highlights of the MATRIS Research Group. Additionally, visitors to the booth had the opportunity to play games illustrating some of the…