MATRIS @ Fachtagung Katastrophenforschung

People sitting in a conference room during a presentation.

Copyright: Kasto (Canva)


On the 11th of September, Klaus Kieseberg from the MATRIS group attended the Fachtagung Katastrophenschutz 2023, where researchers and stakeholders joined together to exchange ideas and insights from the practitioners’ side in disaster management. In the ensuing discussions during the day, Klaus took the opportunity to promote the disaster research activities of the MATRIS research group. The innovative methodology and focus of these research activities attracted the attention of numerous attendees, leading to research-oriented discussions.

About the event: The Fachtagung Katastrophenschutz 2023 was organized by the Disaster Competence Network Austria (DCNA) and took place from September 11th to September 12th in Leoben, Austria.

The event, which aims to bring together the science and practice of disaster management, featured several enlightening talks, presenting current research projects as well as research results alongside possibilities for exploitation from a practitioner’s side.

Conference Name:

Fachtagung Katastrophenforschung 2023

Conference Duration:

11-12 September, 2023

Conference Location:

Styria, Austria