Dhirendra from CSIRO Visits MATRIS @SBA

We are pleased to share that Dhirendra Singh from CSIRO recently concluded a successful research visit at SBA Research. Invited by MATRIS Research Group of SBA, spent the end of May engaging in a productive collaboration with our researchers, especially the disaster research team, DEFSYS.

During his stay, Dhirendra worked closely with the DEFSYS team of MATRIS Research Group on disaster risk management, bushfires, and evacuation simulations, offering valuable insights and contributing to the advancement of our research. While the team showed Dhirendra the artificially made Danube Island as the fundamental solution to the city of Vienna’s problem with floods, his visit was marked by his talk about his research focusing on disaster risk management to a broader audience at SBA Research.

In this talk, Dhirendra gave examples of the severe risk of bushfires in Australia and presented recently achieved advancements in evacuation simulations and tools by his group from CSIRO. His presentation was met with great interest and sparked a lively discussion.

About CSIRO: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is the national science agency of Australia, solving the most prominent challenges through innovative science and technology. For more than a century, CSIRO has been improving the lives of Australians and beyond.

Picture Copyrights: MATRIS

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