MATRIS Applied Research Consulting

In today’s digital age, IT security consulting has become essential for companies due to the increasing sophistication, frequency, and altering types of cyberattacks. With threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, DDoS attacks, and advanced persistent threats on the rise, organizations need proactive strategies and defenses to stay protected, making IT security consulting a necessity.

Nonetheless, IT security consulting comes with its challenges as threats and vulnerability issues for cybersecurity evolve and change continuously. Therefore, it is crucial to dynamically adapt the techniques and tools used for tackling security issues parallelly. While non-research-driven consulting offers oftentimes outdated, reactive, and generalized solutions that are not well adaptable to individual cases due to their lack of research and information about the ever-changing IT world and security issues, leading to long-term higher costs for organizations, applied research consulting provides cutting-edge solutions, tailored security strategies based on the latest technologies, methodologies and mitigates threats proactively by identifying prominent hazards and their solutions through research before becoming significant issues.