Reinhard Kugler
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You wouldn’t STEAL a CAR? – Security in Automotive Control Units:

This year’s IT-S NOW conference was held at FH Campus Vienna of the University of Applied Sciences in June. Reinhard Kugler gave a talk on the first day of the conference about security in automotive control units and methods of security testing. He demonstrated the implementation of security features in diagnostics protocols of automotive electronic units. This demonstration showed the security analysis of real-world devices and how vulnerabilities are identified. Furthermore, Reinhard addressed possible key management and crypto issues which might be encountered while creating secure automotive control units.

Reinhard Kugler
Copyright: ITSN!23/dessy

About the conference: The IT-S NOW is an event where IT-S NOW – Where Research Meets Society. The conference aims to foster constructive discussions on IT security topics between researchers and consumers. This year’s conference focused on security research in the Internet of Things and covered the following questions: “Is Alexa always listening in?”, “What does my smart TV know about me?”, “Is Bluetooth really dangerous?” and many other questions to separate myths from the truth while creating awareness and security.

Conference Name:

IT-Security NOW (IT-S NOW 2023)

Conference Duration:

1-2 June, 2023

Conference Location:

Vienna, Austria