Reinhard Kugler

Consulting Area

Reinhard’s focus relies on security testing of IT and industrial cyber-physical systems. Based on his prior experience in cyber defense he works with companies to develop security capabilities, developing secure products and contributes to research projects in applied security. Reinhard is also an experienced instructor and develops tailored security trainings. A main focus is to apply combinatorial security testing (CST) to industrial applications, like automotive or cloud. In this regard, he recently joined the CST team of the MATRIS research group.

Research Interests

Reinhard’s research interests include the security of operating systems, malware techniques and embedded platforms. He is proficient with penetration testing, security assessments and conducting analysis workshops. His research area includes containers security and attacks within the automotive domain.


Reinhard received a master’s degree in IT-Security at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Wien. He wrote his master thesis about Android malware in cooperation with SBA Research. He has experience in penetration testing, cyber defense (CSIRT) and is an external lecturer at FH Campus Wien.