Second Automotive Security Meetup by MATRIS Applied Research Consulting (MARC) Team

Copyright: Martin Schmiedecker


The MATRIS Applied Research Consulting Team organized the second meetup of the Automotive Security Meetup series for the automotive community at SBA Research. The meeting format of the Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG Vienna) aims to foster discussion about ideas, methods, and testing techniques to improve the know-how of security testing in the automotive domain.

This second meetup focused on conducting security tests for CAN devices, encompassing infotainment systems, ECUs, and instrument clusters. For the conduction of the security tests, the devices were prepared and interfaced physically while different adapters were in use. The participants formed groups and approached the devices to showcase how they utilized their methods, followed by intriguing discussions among the participants on various pitfalls, debugging techniques, and best practices. All participants enjoyed getting their hands dirty while cabling, soldering, and measuring with Oscilloscopes and Logic analyzers.


March 7th, 2024


MATRIS – SBA Research