Success Story: MATRIS Applied Research Consulting

Commend‘s software engineers and product experts are working closely with SBA Research as part of the “Symphony: Intercom as a Cloud Service” project.

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One part of the project has now been brought to a highly successful conclusion. Since March 2022, the joint team of experts had been focusing on Commend’s software development in order to ensure intensive systematic security analyses and tests during the design of products or software modules.  This is made possible by the practical application of the latest research results from areas such as modeling and security testing from the MATRIS/M-ARC research group.

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By using advanced research methodologies like mathematical modeling and security testing from the MATRIS Research Group, Commend’s engineers can evaluate security aspects during the design phase, even before coding begins. This ensures that each line of code contributes to the overall security of the product. The results have been impressive, with the Symphony platform demonstrating strong resilience against intensive penetration tests, reflecting the robustness of its “privacy and security by design” principle.

If you would also like to increase the quality of your products through research, then read the full success story here: Research Cooperation Commend & SBA Research and get in contact with us!

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