ACA Conference 2022


The 27th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA) took place this year in Istanbul, Turkey at Gebze Technical University within the scope of SCALE (Symbolic Computation: Algorithms, Learning, and Engineering). The conference started on the 15th of August, Monday, and continued until the 19th of August, Friday.

The ACA conference aims to facilitate computer algebra applications while endorsing the interaction between developers of computer algebra systems with researchers and users (including scientists, engineers, educators, and mathematicians). MATRIS Research Group/SBA Research are proud sponsors to the whole SCALE event. Furthermore, Dimitris E. Simos, MATRIS Research Group lead, is a member of the organizing committee of ACA 2022.

MATRIS Research Group contributed four talks to ACA this year, with Berina Celic, Merve Ceren Culha, Ludwig Kampel, and Klaus Kieseberg presenting novel applications of computer algebra within the fields of combinatorial testing, disaster management research and anti money laundering.

During ACA, MATRIS researchers operated a booth on the premises of the conference. The MATRIS/SBA booth highlights recent research of the MATRIS Research Group, where conference participants also have the opportunity to play games illustrating some of the related mathematical aspects.

Information about ACA: ACA covers all fundamental aspects and applications of computer algebra. The ACA topics include, but are not limited to computer algebra in the sciences, engineering, medicine, pure and applied mathematics, cryptology, education, and computer science. In addition to the traditional topics of the ACA, a new subject has been added to the conference agenda this year: Algorithms in Cryptography and Blockchain.

Conference Name:

The 27th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra -ACA 2022

Conference Duration:

15-19 August, 2022

Conference Location:

Gebze Technical University – Istanbul