DEFSYS @ DoD 2021

Apollo 11 Video Restoration Press Conference / Newseum


Today, Klaus Kieseberg of the DEFSYS team presented the paper “On the applicability of combinatorial methods to disaster exercise generation”, a joint work between Bernhard GarnKlaus KiesebergDominik Schreiber and Dimitris E. Simos (all MATRIS research group) at the 5th International Conference on Dynamics of Disasters (DOD 2021) — July 14-19, 2021, Athens, Greece, which is held in a virtual setting. In their work, the authors propose a conceptual mathematical modelling framework for the automatic generation of scenarios in disaster exercises via methods from discrete mathematics. Training exercises are an important tool in crisis management, as they can assist in a multitude of tasks. To be effective, exercises have to utilize well constructed scenarios and be able to simulate a crisis situation. The proposed approach in the paper bridges disaster exercise scenario generation for crisis management and mathematical models in terms of combinatorial designs from discrete mathematics.

Humans experience a wide array of disasters that generally fall into two categories: natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc.; and unnatural, or man-made, disasters such as wars, explosions, wildfires, chemical spills, etc. Such disasters wreak havoc and provoke extensive and large-scale devastation, and carry extremely serious financial repercussions for nations, organizations, and individuals. The study of dynamics of disasters is an important and worthwhile endeavour, with huge benefits for everyone. The 5th International Conference on Dynamics of Disasters (DOD 2021), brings together experts worldwide to share the latest findings on natural and unnatural disasters and their scientific treatment for the benefit of humanity and society.

Conference Name:

4th International Conference of Dynamics of Disasters – DoD 2021

Conference Duration:

14-19 July, 2021

Conference Location:

Athens – Greece