Ludwig Kampel and Dimitris E. Simos @ MACIS 2019


Ludwig Kampel joined the conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences 2019 (MACIS), which took place from 13th to 15th November at Gebze Technical University in Gebze/Istanbul. MACIS is a biennial conference aiming to bridge the domains of data fusion, preprocessing, mapping, knowledge representation as well as data protection, safety and security amongst others.

On the second day of the conference Ludwig presented the paper “IPO-Q: A Quantum-inspired Approach to the IPO Strategy used in CA generation” a joint work with Dimitris E. Simos and Michael Wagner from SBA Research, that presents a hybrid algorithm using a quantum inspired meta heuristic and a greedy approach. The presentation of the paper was received very well by an audience of around 50 participants. Dimitris E. Simos was the chair of the steering committee of MACIS 2019.

Conference Name:

Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences – MACIS 2019

Conference Duration:

13-15 November, 2019

Conference Location:

Gebze Technical University in Gebze – Istanbul/Turkey